CSIR-NIScPR Verticals & Divisions

CSIR-NIScPR R & D Divisions
S.No. Division Name Division Head Activities/Responsibilities Contact Detail
1. Popular Science Division (PSD)

Mr S Jayasomu, Head

Dr N Majumdar, Deputy Head

  • Science communication & popularisation through popular science publications
  • Spreading scientific awareness
  • Inculcating scientific temper
  • Motivating the youth to take up science
  • Capacity building in science communication
  • Promoting R&D achievements of CSIR laboratories among industry & other stakeholders
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Phone: 25848702 EPABX1/361, 9871434447

Email: somu@niscpr.res.in; majumdar@niscpr.res.in

2. Research Journals

Dr Charu Verma, Head

Dr Meher Wan, Deputy Head

  • To publish CSIR-NIScPR journal issues as per schedule
  • To retain/resume/add indexing by reputed national/internation indexing//abstracting/metric agencies
  • To strengthen the journals in terms of quality inflow, JCR IF and other metrics, timeliness, capacity building, etc
  • To get listed under DOAJ and PubMed
  • DOI for all the accepted/published articles
  • To bring out special issues on contemporary themes
  • To conduct the meeting of the Editorial board twice a year
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Phone: 9818911540

Email: charu_verma@niscpr.res.in; mw@niscpr.res.in

3. Digital Information Resources Division (DIRD) including NKRC

Mr Mukesh Pund, Head

Dr Charu Verma, Deputy Head

  • Software Design, Development, Content Management and Hosting
  • Software Hosting and Technical support
  • Computing & Logistics Infrastructure
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Phone: 011- 26567818, EPABX2/126

Email: mukeshpund@niscpr.res.in

Phone: 011-25841439, EPABX1/280

Email: charu_verma@niscpr.res.in


Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Diffusion Research + Global Governance

Dr Sujit Bhattacharya, Head

Dr Kasturi Mandal, Deputy Head

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Phone: 25843024, 9999020157

Email: sujit@niscpr.res.in; kasturi@niscpr.res.in


Studies in Science Communication (SC)

Dr Paramananda Barman, Head
  • Project Formulation in relevant areas of science communication
  • Enhancement of Knowledge base in Science Communication will be ensured through research publication in the core area/s of science. communication
  • Insights and recommendations of the project/s of Division will influence/support/strengthen Policy formulation in the domain of science communication.
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Email: param@niscpr.res.in


Energy, Environment & Sustainability

Dr Vipan Kumar, Head
  • Project Formulation in relevant areas
  • Knowledge Advancing: Foster linkage and knowledge advancing through the development of events, workshops and symposia
  • Policy: inform and influence policy in the areas of EES
  • Communication and Dissemination through policy brief, Report, discussion paper, working papers series and peer reviewed Research Articles
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Email: vipin@niscpr.res.in


Agriculture & Sustainable Rural Development

Dr Yogesh Suman, Head
  • Policy interventions for strengthening capacity in STEM
  • Forecasting and foresight analysis to strengthen National Skill Development Mission
  • Mapping S&T human resource capacities
  • Enhancing human resource skill set
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Email: yogeshsuman@niscpr.res.in


Traditional Knowledge (TK)

Dr Charu Lata, Head
  • The studies under the Traditional Knowledge Division aim to explore the contemporary relevance of our traditional knowledge system in the context of health, agriculture, environment, education and various facets that are covered under the rubric of sustainability. Along with exploring how our science and technology systems are influenced by traditional knowledge; the Division also aims to explore the interfaces between traditional knowledge and informal innovation, Indian philosophy among others.

  • This Division is actively involved in creating a strong base for documenting; validating and communicating scientifically validated Indian traditional knowledge to the society. The Pan-India CSIR initiative #SVASTIK on “Communicating India’s Scientifically Validated Traditional Knowledge to the Society” is the key highlight of the Division. The Division also focuses on a strong outreach to various stakeholders including school/college going children, academicians, science communicators and policymakers.
  • The Division proudly boasts the successful organisation of an international conference on ‘Communication and Dissemination of Traditional Knowledge (CDTK-2023)” and a national workshop on “Role of taxonomical identification and authentication of plants and crude drugs in traditional medicine and research” in February 2023.
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Email: charulata@niscpr.res.in


Studies in Inclusive Health

Dr Suman Ray, Head
  • Inclusive health is health for all humankind, a holistic approach/healthcare reforms that is efficacious, equitable, sustainable and affordable. The division focuses on policy perspectives studies and aims to:

    • Understand and analyze systems that contribute to equity in (individual/community/public health) health in alignment with the national health objectives of the Government of India (GOI) and sustainable development goals.
    • Understand determinants of health (direct and indirect), organizations (public/private), regulatory structures, policy environment, and resources (infrastructure, manpower, finance) that are embedded within and outside health systems (e.g., education, pricing policies, tax systems, etc.), but are related to the improvement of health.
  • The division intends to catalyze young researchers in this field and reach out to the research community and divergent stakeholders through varied ways such as brainstorming, expert review meetings with stakeholders, lecture series, policy dialogues, workshops, awareness Programs, and Community outreach programs, collaboration with other relevant departments and ministries.
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Phone: 011-25843061, 8595156481

Email: suman@niscpr.res.in

CSIR-NIScPR Functional & Services Divisions
S.No. Division Name Division Head Activities/Responsibilities Contact Detail
1. Project Monitoring & Evaluation (PME) + ISTAG Dr Naresh Kumar, Head
  1. To act as Nodal point between the Institute and CSIR Head Quarter for the timely delivery of the queries related to projects, Parliament questions and any other issues pertaining to R&D activity of CSIR-NIScPR.
  2. Project Planning,interaction with scientists for submission of R&D proposals to various funding agencies including International collaborations.
  3. Assisting in framing projects as per CSIR guidelines through transparent consultative process among the scientists and other network project partners.
  4. Preparation of RC Agenda, convening RC meetings and keeping the record and database of all the RC activities. Participation in institute’s annual plan and budget preparations as well as annual reporting are mandatory activities of the Division.
  5. To acts as central repository of the project documents, progress reports, fund receipt and utilization reports, project completion reports. PME is the central division for monitoring and evaluation the projects for the committed deliverables in a time bound manner and progress of utilization of the funds to meet the mandated objectives of the project.
  6. Organizing internship programs for Students from Science, Engineering and technology area.
  7. Dissemination of information on all relevant National & International Research Programand liaison with grant giving agencies.
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Email: head.pme@niscpr.res.in, pme@niscpr.res.in

2. BDG & I (including publication store) and PPD

Ms. Neelu Srivastava, Head

Mr. Ashwani Brahmi, Incharge, PPD

  • Locating new markets and developing new marketing channels to ensure that the products reach the unreached.
  • Sending complimentary copies of journals regularly to all national libraries, and national and international abstracting agencies for increasing the visibility of the NIScPR journals.
  • Displaying NIScPR publications in various exhibitions, seminars and symposia held on science and technology-related topics.
  • Direct marketing of popular science magazines/books in schools by contacting students/school teachers.
  • Direct marketing of NIScPR popular science publications by contacting various Government Departments/Education Departments etc.
  • Pursuing an outreach programme for the promotion of scientific journals, popular science magazines and books.
  • Providing online access to all readers/subscribers of Popular Science Magazines & Research Journals.
  • Receiving payments through NEFT/RTGS and other online modes.
  • Participation in Virtual Book Fairs/Exhibitions/Conferences/Science Festivals and other S&T events.
  • Inviting commercial advertisements from S&T organisations/ institutes/ Universities & Industries related to scientific publications, equipment, technologies, competitions, seminars, symposia, etc. for NIScPR publications.
  • Partnerships with Academic and Industrial organisations.
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Email: neelu@niscpr.res.in

3. Infrastructure including CCTV and Canteen

Dr Naresh Kumar, Head

Dr Yogesh Suman, Deputy Head, Pusa

Mr C B Singh, Deputy Head, S V Marg

  • Works and Maintenance
  • Horticulture
  • House Keeping
  • Reception & Complaints
  • Guest House
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Phone: 25840612, EPABX1/258, 9818043476

Email: nareshkr@niscpr.res.in

4. AcSIR Dr Vipan Kumar, Head
  • Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research (AcSIR) is a research Academy created by an Act of Indian Parliament to be an Institute of National Importance.
  • AcSIR has adopted the mandate to create and train some of the best of tomorrow's Science & Technology leaders through a combination of innovative and novel curricula, pedagogy and evaluation.
  • With the merger of CSIR-NISTADS and CSIR-NISCAIR resulting into one unified entity, a policy think tank, CSIR-NIScPR (National Institute of Science communication and Policy Research)has brought out new opportunities and challenges for AcSIR activities and it has confirmed its commitment for nurturing and nourishing the AcSIR activities.
  • At present CSIR-NIScPR is offering

    • MSc Programme in Science Communication
    • PhD Programme in Science Policy and Communication
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Phone: 25843178, 9968758810

Email: vipin@niscpr.res.in

5. Jigyasa, Training & Human Resource Development (HRD) + KAMP

Mr C B Singh, Head

Dr Kanika Malik, Deputy Head

  • Outreach Programme for public Understanding of the science
  • Development of Scientific Temper through Jigyasa Initiative
  • Human Resource Development with Training Programmes
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Email: cbsingh@niscpr.res.in

Email: km@niscpr.res.in

6. RHMD Dr. Subha Rastogi
  • The Herbarium & Museum (RHMD) at NIScPR houses various economically important raw materials of plant, animal and mineral origin from India at one place.
  • It has approximately 8000 herbarium specimens and 3000 samples of important crude plant drugs, animals and minerals.
  • This facility is backed up by the 23 volumes of The Wealth of India-Raw Materials series, an encyclopedic publication comprising monographic articles on plants, animals and mineral resources of the country and the economic products derived from them.
  • The RHMD is an important facility that has evoked good response and feedback from the students of the scientist-student connect program, "JIGYASA".
  • It is also frequently visited by students and researchers who have an interest in natural resources and medicinal plants.
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Phone: 011-25846001, EPABX-263, 9415414359;

Email: srastogi@niscpr.res.in

7. National Science Library (NSL) & ISSN Centre Mr Sanjay Burde, Head
  • International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)
  • Bibliometric and Scientometric services

    • Citation analysis
    • Impact factor of non-SCI journals
    • Institution/Project analysis
  • National Union Catalogue of Scientific Serials in India (NUCSSI)
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • Membership
  • Inter library loan
  • Literature search
  • Reference services
  • Photocopying services
  • Walk-in user facility
  • Library Training
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Phone: +91 11 26517565

Email: sanjayburde@niscpr.res.in

8. Director Secretariat & Research Cell Dr Yogesh Suman,Head
  • To Coordinate activities of Director’s Office
  • To act as interface between Director’s Office and CSIR on research related matters
  • To act as interface between Director’s office and institute’s faculty
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Phone: 25840612, EPABX1/258, 9818043476

Email: yogeshsuman@niscpr.res.in