Bharat ki Sampada - An Encyclopaedia

Bharati Ki Sampada

Bharati Ki Sampada - Prakritik Padarth is an encyclopaedia on Indian raw materials based on flora, fauna and minerals, in which the entries appear in Devnagari alphabetical order. A series publication of 12 volumes and 2 supplements Bharat Ki Sampada is the Hindi version of The Wealth of India - Raw Materials series with a difference in subject matter, volume-wise.

Prepared by the experts, the articles in Bharat Ki Sampada series cover those plants, animals and minerals which render medicines, food products, beverages, fruits, nuts, spices & condiments, fats & oils, essential oils, masticatory, fumigatory, fibre, pulp, wood, and forest products, etc.

Each entry in the series of Bharat Ki Sampada provides correct identification of plants and their scientific and vernacular names, in addition to relevant references, and index on the names in Indian languages. Articles on crop plants cover the aspects pertaining to cultivation, harvesting, storage, diseases and pests and their control, etc. For raw materials, the series covers information on the occurrence in the country, data about their production and yield and import and export.

So far 10 volumes and two supplements, i.e.,

  1. Pashudhan aur Kukkut Palan (Livestock including Poultry) and
  2. Matsya aur Matsyiki (Fish & Fisheries) of Bharat ki Sampada-Prakritik Padarth have been brought out. The work pertaining to the XI volume is in progress.

Bharat Ki Sampada - Prakritik Padarth would be equally useful for industrialists, students, academic and research institutions, libraries, development officers and for the common man.

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