Indian S&T and Innovation Policy

Indian S&T and Innovation Policy (ISTIP) - Supra Institutional Project under 12th Five year plan (2012-2017)

The ISTIP research project intends to provide valuable inputs for S&T and Innovation decision making in CSIR and the country, and evolve novel strategies that can contribute towards technology based interventions for addressing pressing problems. It also aims to provide evidence based data & analytics to CSIR and other public institutions in policy planning and developing strategy for innovation. The project intends to address the critical knowledge gaps in above referred domains by focusing on mapping of actors and agents in India involved in creating capacity in various techno-economic domains, outcomes of multiple forms of knowledge in India and in other relevant countries. The critical assessment of India’s comparative strengths and gaps are undertaken within the larger context of capacities, and science and technology outputs and outcomes of advanced and emerging economies.

The core objectives of the project are follows:

  • Innovation policy directive for government
  • Analysis of MSME Sector: Opportunities, Policy Gaps & Action
  • Quantitative measures of S&T Innovation in India
  • Generate innovation indices to judge India’s innovation capabilities/progress across time, region, sector
  • Analysis of India’s manpower resources with respect to migration aspects of resources and comparative capabilities
  • Generate technology sector report on water, green technology, high technology and energy sector

Milestones achieved towards attainment of core objectives:

India S&T Report: encompassing issues related to S & T and Human resources; Innovation support system; S & T and Industry, S & T Output and Patents and Rural Development and S & T Strategies.

Innovation Policy Bulletins:

Sectoral Reports:

Dissemination workshops and outreach programmes:

  • Innovating India: A two days workshop, 25-26 November 2013, in collaboration with NIT, Silchar , Assam
  • “Measuring Science-A bibliometric Approach: A one day workshop” 14thFebruary 2014, NISTADS, New Delhi
  • ‘Innovation for inclusive growth and entrepreneurship generation’ one day workshop jointly with Punjab State Council in S&T and Punjab Innovation Council. 23 July, 2014. Chandigarh
  • ‘Innovation Landscape’ 25thNovember, 2014 , CSIR-NISTADS, New Delhi
  • National Conference on “Science, Technology and Innovation in Manufacturing” 15 October, 2015 , India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi
  • Networking with industry –Academia linkages with IIT Roorkee, Roorkee (Uttrakhand), IIT Delhi, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh (UP), Cluster Innovation Centre, (CIC), Delhi University, Delhi, Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI), New Delhi, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore,NIT, Silchar, Assam , State S&T Councils of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow and Punjab State S&T Council , Chandigarh


S.No Names Designation Email ID OASIS LOGIN
1 Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya Sr. Principal Scientist


2 Dr. Tabassum Jamal Chief Scientist


3 Dr. Sanjib Pohit Sr. Principal Scientist


4 Dr. Yogesh Suman Principal Scientist


Team Members:

Participating Scientist

N.Mrinalini, G.D.Sandhya, Mohammad Rais, Vipan Kumar, Kasturi Mandal, , Avinash Kshitij, S. Wakdikar, Madhulika Bhati, Y. Madhvi, R. Raina, Naresh Kumar and L. Pulamte,Anuradha Singh, Satpal Sangwan.

Participating Technical Officer

Praveen Sharma, Mala Bahl, Renu Jethi, Suresh Kumar, Suresh Kumar, Anil Sharma, Rammi Kapoor, A K Bhardwaj,Kashmiri Lal.

Project Assistants (SPF/PF)

SPF: Mr. Nitesh Kumar Yadav , Ms. Shilpa, Ms Megha Garg,Mr Sudhakar, Ms Jyoti Kushwaha.

PF: Ms. Priti, Ms. Sumbul Naqvi, Ms Priti, Mr. Rehan Ahmed, Ms Sweachha Garg, Ms Sherin Kuruvilla.