Project Reports

S.No Project Reports
1. Strengthening Bilateral Collaboration and Cooperation in Science, Technology, and Innovation between India and France
2. Indian Patenting Activity in International and Domestic Patent System: Contemporary Scenario
3. Measures of Performance of Universities in India: An Analysis of the Publication Output in Science and Technology
4. Impact of FDI in R&D on Indian R&D and Production System
5. Knowledge Creation and Innovation in Nanotechnology: Contemporary and Emerging Scenario in India
6. Science & Technology Scoping Study: Identifying Areas Of Cooperation Between Ireland And India
7. Disaster Vulnerability and Resilience
8. Scientometric approach to study of arsenic, fluoride, nitrate and other heavy metals in drinking water during 1995-2015: An outlook to treatment alternatives for removal of contamination

L. Pulamte and Rais, M. (2018). Project Report on “Opportunities of promoting MSEs in Northeast Region of India for Income and Employment Generation”, NISTADS, New Delhi


Sujit Bhattacharya, (2018) NISTADS/PRO-REP-01/18 A proceeding report of '4th Indialics Conference on “Innovation for Sustainable Development: Perspectives, Policies and Practices in South Asia’ and Indialics Training Workshop during 1st and 5th November, 2017

11. Kumar Vipan and Bhati Madhulika (2019), ‘Technology Empowerment of North-East: Water, Energy and Communication Solutions (TENE-WECS)’,CSIR-NISTADS Report No- CLP000130, CSIR-NISTADS
12. Kumar Vipan and Kshitij Avinash (2019),'Pilot study for assessment of ranking Index for Universities and R&D Institutes, CSIR NISTADS Technical Report - NISTADS/OLP/2017/01
13. S&T Applications for Peoples' Problems (STAPP) - Agri Food