Print-Production and Graphic Arts (PPGA)

This Division has highly trained professionals employed by CSIR-NIScPR and takes care of the printing work of 21 research journals, 3 popular science magazines, 2 newsletters, apart from scholarly and popular science books, bulletins, reports encyclopedic publications, etc. It was set up to avoid scheduling problems, reduce cost and delays in printing of research journals which is the prime requirement for its coverage in Impact Factor list enabling us to compete globally. CSIR-NIScPR, over the years, has developed the trust at global level for publishing authentic S&T information.

The Print-Production and Graphic Arts Division has acquired vast experience of pre- and post-press facilities and expertise.

The Division comprises following Sections:-

The Division undertakes designing, formatting and printing of all CSIR-NIScPR’s in-house publications, comprising Research Journals, Books, Encyclopaedias, Reports, Newsletters, Popular Science Magazines, etc.; and also publications from CSIR Headquarters, CSIR Laboratories/Institutions and other Government departments and S&T Ministry, comprising their Annual Reports, S&T Reports, Newsletters, Bulletins, Journals, Posters, Brochures, Pamphlets, etc.

The planning and execution of the above S&T publications, their initial costing, copy editing, formatting, designing, printing, binding, etc. are all undertaken by this Division. The Division also takes up urgent printing jobs from S&T Ministries, CSIR Headquarters, and CSIR Laboratories. The personnel of the Division also deliver lectures and impart in house training on various aspects of DTP, designing, production and printing to the students of ‘Science Communication’, and to students of ‘Printing Technology’ from various Government Universities/Institutes.

Production Section

Production Section has been actively involved in planning, cost estimation, scheduling, and production of NIScPR publications and various other printing jobs undertaken by the Institute from CSIR Hq, CSIR labs and other Government Departments and S&T Ministries. Outside jobs are mainly received in this Section. This Section has been looking after the complete production of tasks from original manuscripts to the final printed copies.

The major work of this Section involves coordination with different sections of NIScPR and outside clients, proof reading to maintain the quality and prompt publications, and follow-up of payments for the jobs undertaken. Daily liaison with outside printers/vendors for high-quality printing and timely publication is the regular feature of Production Section. This Section also maintains records of the printing jobs received, correspondence with clients, procurement of printing paper, etc. The Section also manages the timely delivery of printed copies to clients, final costing, billing for the jobs completed, and records related to payments. This Section has been able to earn an External Cash Flow of Rs. Two Crores (approx.) in the past year.

Art & Graphics Section

This Section takes care of all the creative graphic designing jobs of various publications including the specialised designing of prestigious popular science monthly magazines namely 'Science Reporter' and 'Vigyan Pragati' received by the institute by other outside organisations. The Section is digitally well-equipped with high-end PCs, Scanners, Printers, etc. Latest versions of graphic-designing computer applications of Photoshop, CorelDraw, InDesign, etc. are used as tools for designing. Miscellaneous types of work in the form of cover design of books/magazines/report, jackets; invitation cards/folders/brochures/leaflet designs; style sheet design; creative specialized layout designs for magazines, newsletters and annual reports; posters/banners designs; numerous kinds of creative graphics, scientific illustrations, charts; and editing & improvement of the pictures/illustrations are done by this Section.

Desk Top Publishing (DTP) Section

This Section is involved in important pre-press activities like page formatting, layout designing of B/w, 2-colour and 4-colour jobs, scanning of illustrations/photographs, and manipulating illustrations/photographs through software to enhance quality and colour corrections for bringing out In-house and Outside Publications comprising CSIR-NIScPR Research Journals, Popular Science Books & Magazines, Proceedings, Encyclopaedia, Annual Reports, Bulletins, Folders, Newsletters, pamphlets, etc.

The DTP unit is equipped with the latest computers and software like MS Office, PageMaker, Photoshop, In-Design, Hindi software Saransh, etc. which are used in page formatting and designing work. The pages of the journals and other publications are formatted as per the required house style following standard guidelines. These publications contain many B&W and colour photographs/illustrations, drawings, etc. which are incorporated into the laid-out pages and the single piece output is sent to CTP (Computer-to-Plate) for final proofing and later sent to press for printing. The section is providing high-quality pre-press service for different B&W and 4-colour jobs for timely delivery of all publications.